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Catholic Resources for Story of the World II

I spoke up at the 4Real "Across Time and Place" forum that I have a document aligning readings from Catholic texts that accompany the chapters in Story of the World (SOTW) II.  I have picked out pages from both The Old World and America (which I use for my younger middle school/grammar stage student) and The Story of the Church (which I use for my older middle school/dialectic stage student).  I currently just have pages for SOTW II, and hope to have something similar for SOTW III once I actually purchase the book.  I'm guessing I will need to switch to Our Pioneers and Patriots for grammar and Christ and the Americas for that time period, perhaps.  The little red flags by the chapter titles indicate a possible problematic chapter in regard to how the Catholic Church is portrayed.  I suggest you pre-read these chapters prior to reading them aloud or having your children read to themselves

Download sotw_ii.doc

June 27, 2012: Please note that this file has been updated and a link for a pdf download is available at the files section of this blog. You can also download from this post:

Catholic Resources for Story of the World (revised)